Dignity Health | St. Rose Dominican | Reach | Spring 2021

StRoseHospitals.org 3 Where kids come first Faith-based, not-for-profit St. Rose Dominican hospitals are the only Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in southern Nevada. If you would like to support Children’s Miracle Network through the St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation, go to SupportStRose.org , click on “Ways to Give,” and designate your gift to “Children’s Services.” An MRI scan is a tremendous diagnostic tool, but many patients become anxious about the experience. It’s painless, but lying in a small tube surrounded by a machine making loud noises for 20 minutes can be unsettling— especially if you’re 5 years old. Through a generous donation fromChildren’s Miracle Network Hospitals, the imaging department at our Siena Campus is the only place in southern Nevada where patients have the option of watching a favorite movie or TV program on MRI-safe goggles during an MRI scan. On with the show! Because of an MRI’s sensitive magnetic field, ordinary entertainment devices can’t be used during a scan. These new MRI-safe goggles can eliminate the need to sedate anxious patients, especially children. Mac Wayment, DO, a Siena pediatric intensivist, admits it’s hard to keep young kids still. “Sometimes the best thing is to put on a movie and have them watch TV for a little bit. You are distracting them from an unfamiliar environment with something more familiar.” Children may bring a favorite movie from home or choose one from the hospital’s library. Rather than focusing on the scan, kids are happily engaged with Elmo or The Incredibles or any other adventure they choose. Picture perfect Siena MRI Technologist Floyd Huckaby says a still patient means a clearer MRI image. “With the goggles, kids are distracted from the loud noises of the scanner. If they are holding still, I’m going to get a sharp, clear image.” The goggles work best with children over 5 years old, but they have been used with kids as young as 3. Adults find them helpful as well. Using the goggles helps speed the process, too, as it eliminates any anesthesia recovery time. Now showing at an MRI near you: MRI-safe goggles These goggles help little bodies (and full-grown ones) stay still for their moment in the spotlight.